Time at Alzar School

Alzar School | 10.04.19

We all know that time flies when you’re having fun, but as Molly stated, “time is just different at Alzar.” When students arrive on the Alzar School campus, it can often feel like a whirlwind — running between classes, a quick transition into daily activities, learning to put on wet neoprene, pack a backpack and rig a raft as quick as possible are all part of our daily schedule. Not surprisingly, students often struggle when learning how to manage our fast-paced life here, they struggle until they realize the lessons that a full day has to offer.

When returning from spring break students were asked to write a leadership journal entry about any changes that they witnessed in themselves over their break. Many answers I had expected. Kassia said “I accidentally waggled my hand when my friend said something that I agreed with,” or, “I asked my parents what the ration for food was, like we were on expedition,” mentioned Grace. What surprised me was not how Alzar-isms had infiltrated students’ lives, but instead how some had a new appreciation for time. Many students spoke to the fact that when home, they realized how little they put into their days after living a “full life” here at Alzar School. They recognized that they could do so much more with their day and when giving the opportunity they were often not optimizing on all the experiences that one day can hold. These quotes sparked interest in my mind, so I dug a little deeper. 

Dylan and Emily collaborate over an assignment.

When asked what Alzar School’s fast-paced schedule has taught them, students said the following:

“The most important thing that I have learned is to determine my priorities. Do I need to do my homework, or is spending quality time with my friends more important at the moment?”  – Carly

“Our schedule has taught me how to get my best work done in the time that we have available. I have learned how to not stress about the little things.” – Hannah

“Sometimes after a long day all I want to do is go and lay in my yurt. Alzar has taught me that getting outside in the fresh air, playing, and moving actually is what I need in those moments. I often feel more productive in school, less “cooped up,” and happier overall after a good day in P.E. or activity.” – Ellie

“At Alzar School I am learning how much time things actually take – how to set time limits to get things done, and how to take advantage of every minute. Unlike other places, 10 minutes at Alzar is a lot.” Molly

It is quotes like these that remind me that the experiences of an Alzar School semester are not just about living among friends and traveling through the wilderness. Alzar School is about how to be the best version of ourselves – filling our days to the brim with the things that help us lead happy, healthy, and meaningful lives.