Two Casualties

Alzar School | 04.02.08

Normally, I would be writing about all the great things going on here, but something else has come to my attention. That is the loss of two of my favorite hair bows. It all started when we were on the Rio Enco–I was just sitting there in my kayak having such a good time and I didn’t even notice that I had lost my black bow. I knew that I had done a few rolls but I didn’t think that if would have been enough water pressure to lose a bow so I didn’t worry that much about it. Boy was I wrong! As we were packing up, I noticed that I had lost my bow. I asked if anyone saw it but no one knew, and no one could remember the last time they had seen it either. I searched all around for it but it was nowhere to be found. I was depressed for a few days so I didn’t wear a bow on the river. Later, Sean noticed that I wasn’t wearing bows so he said “Why don´t you wear a bow today on the river?” I told him that I was still a little depressed about the loss of my black bow but that I would wear a bow today on the Rio Luicura. We went down the river and everything started out fine until we got to this one big rapid. I went down and was having so much fun but then I flipped and when I rolled back up my bow was gone. At first, I didn’t realize it but by the time I did it was too late. Sadly, I have now learned my lesson that bows and rivers with big rapids don´t mix. Now I am considering other options such as painting a bow on my helmet, but I´ll be sure to get back to you with that. But until then… chao!!