Update from Pucon

Alzar School | 29.01.08

Since our last entry, we have paddled tons and introduced the students to a few Chilean experiences. While in the town of Choshuenco we paddled the Rio Fuy for two days, and the Enco from one. The Enco was fantastic, great rapids with giant waves, deep channels and very few obsticals. We had a great time on the rollercoaster ride! We left that afternoon and drove to the Pucon area. We have a great campsite with a meeting ¨shack¨ that has an electrical outlet so that Katherine and Wilson can do their homework.

After a study session for Katherine and Wilson, and a hilarious group lesson on the first element of leadership (Character), we paddled for three hours. We worked a rapid on the Rio Licura (the students paddled the same rapid 5-6 times running different lines and working on their skills) and had a great time. The adventure this afternoon involves finding the correct adapter piece for our stove so that we can have french toast tomorrow morning. Yummm!

– Kristin