Update from the TLODs

Alzar School | 18.10.12

This week has been a busy one at the Alzar School! The active team leaders include Wesley, Karley, and (me) Lexi. After an awesome Sunday in Boise, we were ready to start our first week of TLOD duty. This Monday we got a special treat in leadership class, as we were visited by community leaders Mr. and Mrs. Wilcomb. The Wilcombs are the construction managers for both Alzar School and the YMCA Camp in the Horsethief Reservoir. The told our class about how they managed to raise money and create the Y Camp.  An over twenty million dollar project, the Y camp was a serious undertaking in which they had to use the ten elements of leadership to make happen. After discussing how they were able to use their inspiring vision to create a place where kids, no matter their financial limitations, are able to attend, we went to go see the Y camp itself! The Y camp, like Alzar School, promotes education and fun. Their climbing wall is in the shape of Idaho and also has Idaho fossils molded into the rock. It was fun for us to see, because not only was it such an incredible project, but the Y has many similarities to our own campus!

Tuesday was another productive day, as classes went swimmingly and then we practiced WFR. Although last time we all passed our exams within one day, we aspired to start our homework earlier to avoid the cramming. The WFR time was extremely successful. Charlotte even finished and passed all of her WFR tests!

Wednesday had another thing coming for the sophomores and juniors at Alzar, as the PSATs arrived. At seven a.m. the students were ready to eat a hearty breakfast before hitting the road.  The schoolagans were ready for the challenge of standardized testing. As soon as the PSATs were finished it was right back to classes. English started within a minute of their arrival and they even wrote a DBQ for history class that afternoon. After a full day of academics, we started community meeting with a bang. Evan, our history and Spanish teacher, taught us a game named buggies. Everyone was running and laughing and it was a great way to unwind before getting into the nitty gritty of the upcoming parents weekend. Tomorrow we have a presentation from our Chilean student, Inés, about life in Chile to prepare us for the big trip down south. I am sure this will only build our excitement further, as it has been a great last week on campus and we could not be more enthused for the Chile expedition!

Alzar School Student