Welcoming Semester 19

Alzar School | 26.08.21

On August 21, 2021 we welcomed 42 students, our largest group yet, as part of Alzar School’s 19th semester. Semester 19 students arrived representing 20 different American states and Chilean regions all with minds ready to learn new things, grow as leaders, and make new lasting friendships.

Forming friendships at Alzar School

Students attend Alzar School seeking different outcomes; some come with specific goals that they would like to accomplish during their time and others don’t know what they will walk away with until the end of their stay at Alzar School. We’ve asked a few Semester 19 students why they have chosen Alzar School, and here is what they have to say..

“There are so many reasons why I want to participate in the Alzar School program. Ultimately it comes down to my desire to be the best possible version of myself that I am able to be. In my lifetime, I want to have a lasting positive impact to benefit future generations. I want to make a difference.”

“I want to be exposed to people different from me while learning how to be a good leader and a great friend to everyone around me no matter how we may differ.”

Striking a pose.

“Through the Alzar School experience, I hope to grow academically amidst an outdoor wonderland, embark on a new adventure with a motivated community, experience another culture, and better myself along the way.”

Students on a hike to Blue Lake on Day 2.

“I’m someone who really enjoys travel, outdoor adventure, and learning in an academically rigorous environment. Alzar School seems like a place where I could experience all of those things.”

“I want to be a student of Alzar School because I believe that this program can help me grow. I think that it can bring me important positive challenges in the search for growth.”

“I have come to realize that leadership, like a sport or musical instrument, is something a person has to learn and practice. I want to become a better leader, not only for my brothers but also so that I can be a better babysitter, soccer coach, school leader and eventually help lead others to make a difference in the world.”

Alzar School is excited to feel the resounding energy from a new group of motivated students and to once again, build leaders who positively impact the world.

Semester 19 on the Campus Green.