Alzar School Update

Alzar School | 12.12.11

It has been a while since introducing myself as the new intern…well, maybe not that long since I am still the new intern. There will need to be more posts authored by me before I can italicize the word “seasoned” before the word “intern.” Anyway, a lot has been happening at the Alzar campus in Cascade. Sean and I have been gathering fallen trees and branches into giant burn piles and of course burning them. I know what your thinking and the answer is yes, the bigger the fire the better the s’more.

Destruction isn’t all that’s happening either, the first building is going up! The Alzar School barn is curently under construction! The foundation has been laid and the first floor wall frames have gone up. Below is a picture of five (soon to be six once I put down the camera) strapping young men hoisting up a 16 foot wall frame which sits adjacent to one of two main drive-through entries in the Alzar Barn. This picture only depicts the first floor of the barn. A second floor will also be added and constructed into living quarters.

Alzar is also continuing the legacy of Benjamin Franklin, which means you can now charge your ipod, phone, computer, etc. That’s right, electricity! Although, I suggest charging your appliances on the only outlet after work hours or else the foreman constructing the barn will most likely have a few words with you. Sorry, no wifi yet, so Solitaire and Angry Birds will have to do for now.

That’s whats happening up in Cascade, but Alzar School is still out and about in the community. Last Friday, Dec. 9th, Alzar School and the Boise High School Outdoor club hosted a kayak pool session at the Boise State University Recreation and Fitness center. The session consisted of lessons regarding paddle strokes, rolling, wet-exits, and a competitive, but friendly, game of kayak water polo. If you are at all interested in these kayak sessions make sure to share your interest on the Alzar School Facebook page.

Be sure to visit again next week for more pictures and info about progress on campus.