Alzar School Update

Alzar School | 26.12.11

Seasons greetings!

Even though the holidays are upon us, the wheels are still rapidly turning at The Alzar School.

Kristin and Sean have made their way down south to share the abundance of Chilean culture, whitewater, and summer warmth with Alzar students. To Kristin, Sean, and all the Students: best wishes in your travels!

Now, back to Idaho. Today, December 26, I jumped in my car and made my way up to the Alzar Campus to check on the progress. Being today is the day after Christmas I was not expecting a single soul to be working on the barn. However, I arrived to one man atop the recently added second floor. He noticed me approaching with my camera, gave a slight nod, and continued working. The second floor gives a new, towering sense of scale as it sits on 16 foot high supports. I climbed the latter to the second floor, greeted Mike (the lone man working that day), and proceeded to enjoy the spectacular view from the balcony. The weather gods have been good to us here is Cascade allowing the clear days for work on the barn, let us hope it continues. I know, I know, and don’t worry I will knock on every piece of wood in this house as soon as my fingers leave the keyboard.

That’s all I have for you all this week, well… that and some great pictures. If you just can’t get enough of these pictures check out more on the Alzar School facebook page. Talk to you all next time.


P.S. The last picture is my favorite