A Moment of Gratitude

Alzar School | 21.11.18

As the holiday season is almost upon us, we’d like to take a moment to recognize the amazing group of people who comprise the Alzar School faculty and staff. Each member of this Alzar School family brings a unique set of skills to the school. To students, they are role models, teachers, coaches and mentors. To each other, they are colleagues, neighbors, mentors and friends. They work alongside each other in the classroom, yes, but they also paddle, hike, ski, bike, run and play with one another. The close-knit bonds staff develop are a result of the hard work and challenges Alzar School presents upon them. They work through late nights, sick students, jet lag, all with the common passion for and dedication to educating young people. It is their compassion, resourcefulness and perseverance that makes the Alzar School semester such a powerful experience for students.  

Alzar School Fall 2018 Faculty and Staff

Today, and every day, we applaud these special people for making Alzar School truly impactful. By sharing experiences with students beyond the classroom walls, imparting their own knowledge, technical skills and life lessons, Alzar School staff provide an education that goes beyond rhetorical devices or physics equations. Thank you Alzar School faculty and staff for being the heart and soul of our organization and working together to positively impact student lives, communities and the world. We love you all!