Idaho: A Winter Wonderland

Alzar School | 30.11.18

After six weeks of adventuring abroad, and a week of thanks and relaxation at home, students returned to campus this week to find the Alzar School blanketed in snow. While this much snow is new to many students, it very quickly has become an integral piece of students’ winter experience. Students have already partaken in multiple snowball fights, snow angel making, and impromptu sledding sessions. Ben S. and Kristen have built a guardian snowman for the Confluence building, complete with buttons, arms, and hair.

Alzar School’s Guardian Snowman

This new exciting addition to campus has brought joy and excitement to the end of the semester, despite the bittersweet goodbyes that loom. Many students have never seen this much snow in one place and are taking every chance they can to play in it. Campus is ringing with snow-induced laughter and screaming. In the spirit of enjoying the outdoors, P.E. classes have remained outside and have taken creative approaches to exercise in the snow: building snow forts and having snowball tosses; relay races transporting wood to and from the yurts, and searching for the campus trail in the snow are a few examples of time well spent. 

The enthusiasm exhibited by students to enjoy this new aspect of campus speaks greatly to their sense of adventure and desire to explore. Much like Chile was a new and exciting place to learn and grow, Idaho too has been transformed in the winter, giving students yet another chance to navigate a new and exciting environment.