Asado, by Lexi

Alzar School | 15.01.12

The end of our trip has been bittersweet as I am not ready to leave, but the barbecue at the Torrealbas house was so fun. First of all it is a beautiful house with the most breathtaking view ever. It looks over Curico with an infinity pool and a hot tub. Then, after a night of swimming dinner started. The turkey was delicious and so were the pork chops. Then I was able to try a Chilean dish of humitas, which is a corn based dumpling wrapped and tied in cornhusker. I got to practice my Spanish as I talked to the Torrealba family and Veronica the mother invited me to come down during my summer and teach English at the school. Her sister and I immediately became friends as both of our names are Alejandra! Before we knew it, it was midnight as we see all singing Avril Lavigne as Maria Jesus (one of the Torrealba children) played the guitar. Then we headed up to sleep as fire works were going off in Curico and we slept under the stars. It was the perfect last night in Chile. Hasta pronto Chile!