Finishing up at CONIN! By Maggie

Alzar School | 15.01.12

After leaving a very relaxing couple days at the beach we all loaded up and headed back to Curico to finish our service at the Conin orphanage. Once in Curico we went to a hardware store and got three bottles of blue spray paint to finish painting the high chairs that we started the last time we were there.

We arrived at Conin eager and ready to paint. We took turns spraying away and making sure to cover all white spots on the high chairs. It was only a matter of time before the three spray paint bottles ran out. Kristin went back to the hardware store to get some more while we went to play with the kids. I went straight for the babies! Others went to help feed the toddlers. We held babies and watched as one of the staff members fed one of the babies through a tube in her belly. Many of the babies have little bald spots on their heads from not being held enough, so we all had babies in our arms. When Kristin returned with four bottles of spray paint this time, we got back to work. We went in shifts and finished the high chairs off with lots of smiles.

Overall, I am very pleased with the time we spent at Conin. It was one of the best experiences within the expedition. I hope to go back and visit the next time I am in Chile!