Clear Creek, by Robert Lapeyre

Alzar School | 29.06.09

So far, in my opinion, there has not been a part of F.L.O.W. that has not been fun. We have paddled almost 10 different river stretches so far and they have all been awesome. With each river being different from the others in many different ways, my personal favorite would be Clear Creek. This creek, one of the most technical stretches we have paddled, was incredible. Between the clear blue, refreshing water and the powerful rapids, it could not have been any more fun.

The first couple days of this trip were sort of relaxing in the sense that we did not have to make any big decisions. That quickly changed when we started having leaders of the day. It is starting to feel like Kristin, Sean, and Katie are campers and it is up to us to decide what we are going to do. Going into my first day of being the leader, I definitely underestimated the difficulty and soon realized Sean and Kristin do not have an easy job!