First Impressions, by Conner Madigan

Alzar School | 29.06.09

So far we have shredded some hesh moves, crushed the gnar, and eaten a lot of food. We have some great times, and I have learned a massive ton.

1) Eat lots of food
2) Drink lots of water
3) Have patience when combat rolling
4) How to combat roll
5) The value of a shower
6) Lots of other stuff

It has been interesting to go face first into this new fangled sport known as kayaking. Swallowing water, getting accustomed to being upside down, and the concept of plowing into a force of water that is twice your size are things that take some getting used to. While were were taking breaks from shredding or being shredded, depending on your skill level, we have been doing work, coordinating logistics, and planning for future days. The task of planning and leading individual days has been interesting. Wearing the leadership pants requires a lot of thingsā€¦ you have to be able to keep track of everyone, all of the gear, the schedule, and Pebbles. It requires thinking and responsibility. So far the trip has been great and it will be really fun to see how the rest of it shakes out.