Entry by Sam N.

Alzar School | 29.06.11

On 6-22 the entire group of kayakers traveled to a beautiful canyon.  In this  canyon was a tiny but spectacular creek called Clear Creek.  The water actually was extremely clear and really cold.  While floating down this beautiful, clear, cold creek, we had wildlife sighting and exciting rapids.  Through the course of the run, I did the first half in the raft and the second half in kayak.  Both were awesome because of the stunning beauty of the gorge.  Steep rock walls and trees above; that is what the sides of the creek consisted of.  With these rock walls, it made it difficult to take the raft from the road to the creek.  It involved a team of about 6 people and some communication.  We made it down this rough steep trail then had to turn around and walk right back up to get our other gear.  Even with the short steep hike, this section of water has been my favorite so far.  After many jokes about how to say creek and of course paddling, the day on Clear Creek was a success.