Too fast and too furious.

Alzar School | 06.07.11

Well, it was a fast three weeks. I can’t believe it is already over. Our last day of kayaking was bittersweet. Living in Georgia most of the year, I really enjoyed being back on western rivers. Our last two students left for the airport, and we are just putting away the last of the gear. I came in to get out of the heat for a bit. Last night Sean had everyone write their highlight of the trip on a strip of paper and put it in a hat. Each person chose one and guessed who wrote the highlight. It was amazing to think back on all that we have accomplished these last three weeks. One of the big highlights was Clear Creek, one of our most remote river runs in California. The water was crystal clear and the walls of the gorge were steep and stunning.

The group also really enjoyed the adventure hike with River Ranger Dave. Dave was quite a character, Sam Goff, one of the other instructors, described the experience as “following Gandolf up the mountain!”

Another big highlight for the students was paddling Howard’s Plunge. I had the best view of the students, I climbed up on the bank to take pictures, so I got to see all of their faces as they dropped into the plunge.

Kelly’s Whitewater Park, in Cascade Idaho, was another highlight. Below is Mac Ward pulling off a sweet ender! 13 on the GRI!

I really enjoyed the entire trip, although I have paddled for years out west, I have never paddled in California or on the western side of Idaho. I enjoyed experiencing these rivers for the first time with many of the students.

Thanks for a great trip!

– Kat Edmonds