My “leader” day

Alzar School | 10.02.08

Today I’m going to talk about how was my day being the leader. Last Friday I knew that I was going to be the leader. So being the leader means waking up people, do the plans for the day, etc. I woke up the people at 6:30, because we had many things to do. We had to hike down, then we had to go to the campsite and collect the equipment we didn’t hike with, eat lunch, and go to las “siete tazas”. When we got to campground we set up camp, Wilson and Katherine had to do their homework, and then we visited las “siete tazas” (the seven tea cups, seven waterfalls). I had to plan all that. The different times that the activities took, and everything. It was fun.

Is very different when you are being the leader, because you have to care of everybody, and see if everything is ok, and be the example for all your group.

At the end of the day, we had a meeting and all the “Alzar Team”, told me how I did. They said very good things about me being the leader. They said that I did good so I’m happy for that. Also they tell you something that you need to work on, and then you have to do it right for your next day of being the leader. Tomorrow is my second day being the leader, so I hope do it well.


Rosario (chilena a mucha honra!)