The Day

Alzar School | 12.02.08

A few days ago, I was LEADER OF THE DAY!! I had a interesting time for I was the first leader and wasn’t sure what to expect. They told me what had to be done and what I was going to have to do to get this stuff done. Then, I told the group what time we were going to wake up and what had to be done throughout the day. That night, as I set my alarm for 6:25, I started to wonder how everything was going to go and if we would be on time… everything a leader could worry about. That morning I woke up at 6:25, bright and early. When I finished waking everyone up and battled all of the morning groans, I packed my bag, ate breakfast, and put my bag in the back of the car. I checked to see if we were on time, we were a little off but not too bad. Sean got in the car and started to back out and that is when the trouble started. We were stuck! We weren’t that far deep into the sand until we tried to start it again. Then, after we realized that it was only getting worse, we decided to try and push it out. That went up in flames. Then our neighbors saw that we were stuck and decided to come and help. We tried to dig some of it out but it was way to deep. Then one of our neighbors went to get two oxen at first we didn’t believe it would work until we hooked them up to the car and they shot off and the car came with it! It was so cool.