Semester 22 Reaches Summit Stage

Alzar School | 17.05.23

Spring 2023 deserves a big round of applause for the time and effort spent building up their community, working through challenges, and thinking of creative ways to keep their peers engaged. On Wednesday, students petitioned for the “Summit stage of community development” was accepted by faculty because they have clearly demonstrated growth in their semester and a commitment to their Alzar community.  One great example of students showing up for their community and taking initiative is the much needed TLC Sarah, Emily, and Ellie Wilkins have shown to our composting system. Over the past couple of weeks they have diligently sorted through the 3-bin systems making the breakdown and use of compost much more efficient (you can see them in action picture below). The unanimous decision to advance students to Summit is only a small testament to how proud faculty are of this semester.

We wanted to give a shout out to our most recent Leader of the Weekends (LOW) for the creativity they brought to last week’s “LOW-led activity”. Alina, Will, Natalia, and Kate brought the excitement and enigma last weekend with a Western Murder Mystery. Students really dressed up in their best old western garb and spent the evening figuring out “whodunit”. The evening was filled with twists and turns that kept everyone guessing and itching to see if they were on the right path. It was a wonderful way to bring everyone together for the evening.

Congratulations to Semester 22 and we cannot wait to celebrate them next week during their graduation ceremony.